Grant Gunderson Photos of the 2012 Baker Avalanche

By all accounts this is one of those 100 year events, the kind of thing you’ll tell your kids about. Grant Gunderson (you know, the guy that took the photo of LAST YEAR’S Baker avy that everyone is claiming is this years…) went and took some photos of this year’s carnage. Fortunately this thing let loose during non-business, non-daylight hours because otherwise it’d have been ugly. What’s kind of crazy is that it released almost to the day of the 2011 avy – March 14 vs. 15 this year. Crazy stuff.

Full size trees try their hand at planking

Gunder KILLLLS the B&W, love it. Go check out his winter portfolio to see more amazing pics, and stop by his shop to pick up a print or two for the office.

8 Replies to “Grant Gunderson Photos of the 2012 Baker Avalanche”

  1. Grant owns the B&W because he waits for the best lighting. We sat around all weekend trying to see that crown. Never saw more than an ominous shadow in the fog.

    Serious hangfire up there still today. Hopefully today’s loading will bring it down overnight. Mandatory 20 footer to drop in off the arm right now.

    1. Was wondering about the hangfire, seems like it’s in dire need of some dynamite

  2. yea, but it’s wilderness area, so there are some hoops that have to be flown through.

    1. free range dynamite, duuhhh

  3. so gnarly. i rode through that same zone the other weekend…

    last year GG pic is sick. buying it.

    1. Agree, the one from last year is insane

  4. weak pics
    weak slide
    weak overall comeon

    1. agree, he should give up the camera and try audioblogging or something

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