MONDAY STOKE: Sorcerer’s Lodge

While it sounds like a place the kid with the patchy barely post-pubescent beard covering a mogul field of pimples and perpetually rockin’ a torn up black t-shirt would go to for summer vacation to play Magic cards and LARP with his ‘voted most likely to be a school shooter’ ilk, it’s not. White smoke and people that are pretty damn good at riding their splitboards rule the roost in this vid by the boys and girls at Backcountry Magazine.

In January, Jeff Campbell and 18 friends spent a week at British Columbia’s Sorcerer Lodge. Deep in the Selkirk Mountains, they found pillow lines, dry powder, frigid temperatures and spirited games of Jenga. Here’s an edit from their trip.

2 comments to MONDAY STOKE: Sorcerer’s Lodge

  • a

    Made it to 2:00. I thought “splitboards” meant something else. I have a beard again, so the music was cool, but not really enough to keep at it.

  • Justin

    Yeah, it was mostly a ‘picture these guys aren’t here and instead it’s your friends hitting the shit’ kind of video.

    Speaking of hitting shit, this lady at this coffee shop I’m at is one of those “I need to talk really really loud on my cell phone” people. There are 3 people in here. No music. There is no f’ing reason for it. I may go Wayne Brady/Sean Connery.

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