Large Wet Slab Avalanche – Y Couloir

Saw this over on the meltfreeze Vimeo page. That’ll put a hurtin’ on ya.

Wet Slab Avalanche: Y Couloir from Meltfreeze on Vimeo.

BTW, if you haven’t been paying attention note the NWAC reports for damn near everywhere PNW right now.

no bueno

2 comments to Large Wet Slab Avalanche – Y Couloir

  • JimmyDaugherty

    Crazy. Post some pics from the Baker avalanche if you can.

    BTW – I’m sending you flashlights.

  • Justin

    Yeah, at first it’s like oh innocuous wet slide…ok, nevermind, don’t want to be there.

    Only Baker stuff I’ve seen is this. Haven’t looked too hard though, been nose to the grindstone.

    Rockin’ re: the fleshlights. Oh wait, FLASHLIGHTS? Dammit.

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