TUESDAY STOKE: Jim Jack and Bird at Ski Hill

Monday stoke on a Tuesday, blogging bankers hours here. The below description from Icicle TV says all that needs to be said about the vid.

A few weeks ago, the team at Icicle TV followed local ski ambassadors Jim Jack and Michael “Bird” Shaffer around for a day of skiing at Ski Hill in Leavenworth. The biggest storm of the season dumped 30″ of pure fluffy powder in town and the guys hit it up.

We were actually working on releasing the piece yesterday, February 19th, when we received word that an unprecedented tragedy had occurred. In one foul swoop, we lost three of the most amazing, nicest people we’ve ever known. Jim Jack, Johnny Brenan, and Chris Rudolph were caught in an avalanche in the Tunnel Creek area in the Stevens Pass backcountry. Today, we have no words to pay proper tribute to these men that meant so much to our community. To lose a hero is hard enough but to lose three is incomprehensible. Until we find the words to express our love for Jim Jack, Johnny, and Chris, the only thing we have to share is our memories and prayers.

We’ve put a lot of thought into whether we should release this video and decided that the world would want to see Jim in his final few weeks, doing what he loved most-skiing powder and spreading the love.

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  1. I’m really glad you posted this. I’d not seen JJ for many moons – not since he did a stint in Queenstown years back – and having heard the tragic news was so grateful to find some recent footage of JJ hanging out on the slopes. Brought both a smile to my face and a tear to my eye.

    1. Hey Nick, sorry to hear about your friend, glad you were able to find the vid and it was able to provide you with some stoke and healing. Make sure you go to the icicleTV vimeo page and thank them for the vid as they did all the hard work and made the decision to release it, I merely re-posted it!

      1. Hey Justin, many thanks for the heads up. I’ll drop them a line. Cheers, Nick

  2. I got shivers up my spine when I read the avalanche report, to lose 3 people in one incident really hits hard…sorry about your loss.

    Great vid and it puts a face to the statistic, great guy.

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