Avalanche airbag packs on sale

With all the recent press around the airbag packs figured it was worth posting up that I saw a few of ’em on sale and know a ton of you are starting to consider them as an option, and since I can plug in the name and get a list of who has it on sale figured I’d save you 50 clicks of your time (you can also do the same on the right rail in the ‘search for gear on sale’ box, figured it’d help someone) . Hell, if I had the money I’d rock one (not that I’ve been touring much yet this year #needanewcrew), and I think it’s a foregone conclusion that the prices come down they will become a standard part of your touring kit. Also worth noting that people that had them in stock at the start of the weekend DON’T now, so I guess they are selling like hotcakes. The BCA Float packs are on sale in both sizes here and here and you can get the ABS packs on sale here.

I originally debated posting this up as it’s almost tacky after the weekend we had in the NW, especially in light of all the inevitable ‘ZOMG SLACKCOUNTRY BACKCOUNTRY SKIING IS DANGEROUS’ kneejerk reactions from the press/Monday morning quarterbacking from the peanut gallery, but when I read Cody Townsend’s post “My wife was saved by an ABS today. If that’s not enough reason to get one for yourself than I don’t know what is.” figured that it’s worth putting up. Thoughts, prayers and positive vibes out to the friends and family of everyone involved in this past weekend’s (and really ANY) avalanches.

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