Venture Snowboards Launches ‘Shape Shack’

Venture Snowboards, the Silverton based manufacturer of bombproof solid and split boards, has announced they are starting an experimental division they are calling the ‘Shape Shack‘.  There’s no info on their site other than a link to the store front for purchasing the boards, but based on the description they’ve provided it sounds like they are going down the same route as Lib’s experiMENTAL line – basically a way to test out new ideas in small batches, with the goal of creating something that moves the needle forward and trickles down into the rest of their line.  Really cool stuff AND it’s something the McSnowboard players can’t pull off as quickly as someone like Venture with their in-house MADE IN THE USA manufacturing.  Who wouldn’t like to dream up an idea on the skin track in the AM *awaits comment about safety meetings….a-man, someone?* and be able to go into the back room and make the idea come to life in the PM??

The first three boards to come from the Shape Shack are available immediately, and outlined below.


Available as a solid and a split, the Euphoria screams two things to me.  QUIVER BOARD! and HOLY SCHNIKEYS THIS WOULD BE FUN ON THE RIGHT DAY (i.e. a day like this).

snurfs up brah
Curious how this would skin


Available solid only, the Zelix is what happens when the Zephyr and the Helix go out drinking on a Friday night and wake up Saturday morning more than just friends.  A directional twin, the Zelix has “an identical nose and tail shape, but with 20 mm of stance offset. The Zelix gives you the best of both worlds, offering better float than the Helix and smoother switch riding than the Zephyr.”  When Venture says small production on these Shape Shack boards they aren’t joking – the Zelix will have a max production run of TWELVE boards.

Max production of TWELVE boards, if you want one get on it


As mentioned above these boards are available NOW and will sell out quickly, so if you’re interested head to the Shape Shack and pick one up to put to use once the snow finally arrives.

2 Replies to “Venture Snowboards Launches ‘Shape Shack’”

  1. if I had to look down at those graphics, I’d be HOPING for a class 9000 avalanche to take me out.

    srslytho that first one is sick. I’d rattlecan it and surf the white wave hardcore yahurdme

    1. Yeah, they said the graphics have been either loved or hated, nothing inbetween. I think it’s not bad, but I think it’d be better if the flake was offset like their graphic a few years back. In the end tho unless it’s an OG MC BMX or the surf scene I couldn’t care less

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