The fine folks at Sweetgrass Productions put together this little Monday AM eye caffeine hit.

There is an undeniable magic in alpenglow, the final seconds of a day’s light that give mountains impossible texture and life before falling into shadow. Stephan Drake, Forrest Shearer and Johan Jonsson go in search of big lines in Haines, Alaska.


6 Replies to “MONDAY STOKE: Last Light”

  1. Nearly 30% intro, and I’m like “yeah, whatever…same shit.”

    Then boom: first actual riding shot has dude pulling teeth out of his knees (reminiscent of me last time I rode), and I’m hooked. All told: THREE mega-flat landings and the best BC bail I’ve seen in I-dunno-how-long. Sick! I even dug the song.

    Maybe it’s just my mood this morning, but I gotta say PMH finally delivered today.

    1. i’m glad i’m not the only one that noticed the intro was damn near half the movie!

      have a good weekend in pdx? sorry could never make shit happen.

  2. Weekend was really good. Drives went well, the talks with friends were all-time, and Greg Fitzsimmons proved himself one of the greatest stand-up comedians in the history of the world. Tested out the new configuration on my Surly (bicycles can save the world), and it’s perfect. Bought a sales tax-free teevee and actually had some beers (served by a gorgeous-yet-rugged Ryan Gosling). It was good. Thanks for nothing!

    1. dope. friday we were down in SE at commons brewery and left that area about 10 minutes before you called. figured if you guys made it over to N would head out by bike but didn’t want to drive anymore. saturday was just a clusterf.. of things going down.

  3. Regarding intros: there’s a site that starts every youtube vid after a minute. They claim the first minute of every youtube video is worthless. Turns out they’re right.

    I try and get str9 2 da point, but it’s hard. Probably harder if you have a bunch of slo-mo and actual action shots worth seeing, on top of a song. All the songs they use start out slow before the warblebass really kicks in…you’re gonna want the footage to match up, going from the time-lapse prep shit–setting up the tent, scoping the lines, showing off your fonts–to BOOM hit at the same time as the first pow turn. That’s what got me with this vid: the first action shot is a zero-speed jump to absolute FLAT! Paradigm: shifted.

    1. interesting theory actually…and probably true in 99% of all vids.

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