Monday Stoke: Riding Oregon 1988

I’ve been digging old riding clips lately – something about the roughness around the edges of the riding, the bright 80s colors on the clothes and the ‘innocence’ of a new sport still finding it’s identity. The old boards always remind me of being 5th grade and killing summer days fondling them on the rack at Hackenbushes, our local, hellaciously overpriced (pre-internet price equalization) bike/skate/snowboard shop.

Anyways, the vid. Some shots from Bachelor and Meadows. It’s unclear from the video if all of the parking at Meadows was full by 8:30AM in those days or not or if the lift lines looked like the below photo 24/7.




For just $74 a day all this can be yours!

4 Replies to “Monday Stoke: Riding Oregon 1988”

  1. jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus lookidat!

    …for mount hood meadows, no less. UGH.

    1. yeah dude, it was like that all day. besides the ticket prices ($74 ARE YOU SERIOUS??) you get to deal with that shit – which is why skibowl is gonna be my new mtn.

  2. I only went to Ski Bowl once, but I remember riding down something steep.

    I’ve been to Meadows a couple dozen times, and it’s garbage.*

    Good for 1988, though.

    *I think the whole of Oregon is garbage for snowboarding though. That’s where I’m coming from. I would like to ride at Mt. Ashland or split Crater Lake though. Suppidose?

    1. i’m with you on the OR summary. never hit crater lake, the only one of my buddies here that hasn’t gone full bitch mode moved to south america, may try and hit it this spring once i find a new crew

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