Urban Stoke from Seattle

twitter homey (twomey? the word tweeps makes me want to kick a puppy and steal a kid’s lunch money) James Daugherty went out and made lemonade out of most people’s lemons last night and got it done in my old hood in Seattle last nite. This is snowboarding distilled down (see what I did there?) to everything it should be – just you and your crew out having fun! The vid makes me miss the good ol’ days of bouncing instead of breaking… He’s still working on getting his site going so just hit him up on aol at keyword urban sesh…just kidding, get at him on the twitters so you can share witty banter 140 characters at a time.

Heard it’s a feces show up there today, my girlfriend’s flight got canceled this AM, don’t be like this guy if you go out driving today. In lieu of driving I recommend you practice your skinning to Pazzo’s and kick it with a calzone and a beer and while away the hours.

4 comments to Urban Stoke from Seattle

  • a

    it’s awesome.

    on my way down to see the Denny Hill madness (my favorite), I couldn’t find a street that didn’t have some drunk youngster mobbing out of control on something not designed for mobbing.

    38 at the top of Crystal yesterday, looks like the inversion is creeping northward. Ice everywhere in the city now. Stoked.

  • Justin

    yeah, and that’s how it should be!

    dude, yeah, it’s been PISSSSSSING rain here. was like 50 last nite when we got home. so lame.

  • Justin

    well what the hell you waiting for? get ‘er done! jimmy D set the standard, a-man has been getting after it, what’s your story?

    note: this is purely hypocritical as i have not been getting after it this week either, merely an observer to the madness thus far. damn this adulthood crap!

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