In Honor of Snowmageddon

or Snopocalypse 2012, or whatever witty name I’m sure King5 has come up with, I present the greatest driver in the history of snow driving.

Seriously bro, step out from behind the wheel, take off your girlfriend’s jeans and turn in your man card

4 comments to In Honor of Snowmageddon

  • a

    that just inspired me to pull my boots on and go outside. I thank you, sir.

  • tylernol

    SUV driver obviously though ” I have 4WD I IZ INVINCIBLE”..not so. Not so. Does not matter how many wheels you have driven, if they do not have traction , it does not matter one bit.

  • Justin

    used to see that crap all the time on the drive up to tahoe, people think that their income level and ability to spend on a vehicle is somehow linearly related to their ability to drive in the snow

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