2011-2012 Lib Tech T. Rice splitboard

So the peek at 2011-12 splitboards has been a bit interrupted, apologize for that, ADD kicking in I guess. By now most of these are in your local shop, but for the one guy that lives in Kansas and their local shop doesn’t carry splitboards we’ll press on.

Next up is one that people have been waiting for since whispers were getting out about Rice’s DIY splits during the pre-Deeper release days.

This year’s T. Rice is Lib’s first effort (I don’t consider at releasing a board that you’ve got to drill out yourself at home much of an effort…) at a factory split and she’s looking nice. Lib took the higher end of the Rice models, the Pro Horsepower (all basalt/fiberglass free version of the standard T.Rice – basically a touch lighter), and splitboardified it. You get everything you’d expect from a factory split – inner middle edge and a standard Voile pattern, a bonus with Karakoram board/tip/tail clips – and it’s all wrapped up in a fat metal flake topsheet that looks like it could be on a ride in Dice Magazine (looks sick in real life, looks like crap in the photo below). It’s worth noting that while it has Magne-traction on the outer edges the inner edges do not have MTX the way a Jones Solution does.

The 2011-12 Lib Tech T.Rice splitboard is available in two sizes, a 161.5 and a 164.5, and MSRPs for $969.96. If your local shop doesn’t stock Lib, or sold out of the one split they carried, you can buy it online at evo, snocon, US Outdoor Store and backcountry.com.

4 Replies to “2011-2012 Lib Tech T. Rice splitboard”

  1. I think you need to work on your ten-key. You entered $969.96. That cannot be right.

    1. nah, that’s just mervin being mervin

  2. dude that’s insane. I’m not as good at mathS as I used to be, but that’s one thousand dollars. That’s a lot. Expecially up here with a ten percent sales tax.

    TOPIC_REQUEST: breakdown the richest of the poormanshelis for me. I’m down here on the bottom with my DIY. Laughing Guy loves his new factory split from Rome. Who looks down upon us both from mountains of money? I gotta know. And I don’t have google.

    1. yeah, shits crazy right? i think the cheapest is the K2 at $599, most expensive probably a custom prior north of a G. the fun you get out of things ain’t proportional to the cost of your things.

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