Homeschool Snowboarding – 2011 outerwear

Came across Homeschool Snowboarding by chance, was reading an article on the Portland Seed Fund’s first investment class, initially thinking maybe it was some form e-learning solution for the next generation of Shaun Whites (note: massive failboat assumption on my part).  After learning they were in the North Coast Seed building (note #2: I dig old brick buildings with tons of patina and character and have been wondering about that building since I moved to town) I had to head down there to check them out.  Pinged them via their site, received a prompt response from Jevan, it was on.


Room 112 where the players dwell...


Homeschool’s mission is to create outerwear that performs in the PNW’s climate, which is basically NYNY for technical outerwear – if it can make it here it can make it anywhere – while keeping an eye on timeless style and durability.  No eyeball searing allover prints (on the outerwear…) or disposable fashion here.  All of Homeschool’s products utilize variants of Cocona (currently the only outerwear company that incorporates it, but the big guys are joining the party next year) to turn the breathability amps up to 11 while staying just as waterproof as the other guys.


coconut, brah


Homeschool's breathability goes to 11


Video below is of their ‘hot plate’ test that proves Cocona is the shit.  I can only imagine the search hits I’m going to get at 2AM now….



Mural by Adam Haynes, same guy that did this year's Billy Goat and a ton of other stuff you'll recognize when you click to peep his site


A few pics of some of their 2011 product below.


100% recycled polyester Naked Raygun jacket in 'deep'


Night Witch pullover in 'misty'


With Teeth in 'ever'. See what they did there?


Revolve pant in 'drift'


Wave Rave homage pant Skweetis in 'bronze'. Mambosoks coming in 2013.


Airbreather Moto Top in trinity print


Art Hag mock neck in drift


Face on left uses leading brand. Face on right uses Homeschool/Cocona.


Overall impression of the product:  WOW, local boys done good.  Well thought out, from the choice of fabrics and laminates to the RiRi Aquazips.  Throw in the clean lines and durability (assumed, felt like a VERY high quality product but have never used so can’t say for sure) these are the types of pieces I’d actually consider paying full price* for – and if you know me you know that’s a rare statement.  Run down to your local shop and check it out and see if you don’t agree.  If your local shop dropped the ball and isn’t carrying Homeschool you can find it at quality retailers like the US Outdoor Store in Portland, Snowboard Connection and evo in Seattle and the Sportsman’s Chalet in Bellingham.







*if I had a full time job

13 Replies to “Homeschool Snowboarding – 2011 outerwear”

  1. Anorak!

    Why did pullovers disappear? I want one.

    Any time I see a vid like that I think I’m getting duped (“yeah SEE dude he pulls that one off first, and SEE dude yeah”), but that looks like neat stuff.

    I need new pants, how much?

    1. yeah, that vid i only threw in cuz it was called a hot plate test. and yeah, the anorak, reminds me of my columbia one i had way back when. for prices check out their site for MSRP on the stuff than hit up your local shop and see what they are doing for Christmas sales.

  2. i like that they trademarked the following sentence: “Designed in the Northwest, if it works here, it works anywhere™. ”

    solid looking stuff. that cocona stuff looks pretty badass. a legit alternative to pricey gore…for now.

    1. yeah dood, this wasn’t some snowbro industry stroking article, i’m legit stoked on what i saw. can’t find ANYTHING on them online though, they seem to have failed at building any grassroots hype by getting it into the hands of any of the big sites to test. once i sell this other board and a bike or two i may actually spring for a jacket and give ‘er a go

  3. ANORAK.



    1. Like I was telling Jevan down there they gotta come out with some bat wave lookin’ mitts to complete the look

    2. and a mambosok

  4. ALMOST no grassroots hype” . Keep an eye out throughout the winter. You know, when Hood finally catches some snow. My first impression was also that of legit stokeage.

    1. rad. i’m expecting you to call a spade a spade and not just be another wannabe blog pro suckling the core co. teat for street cred – i.e. you called bullshit on columbia for their waterproof zip + partial storm flap, welp someone else has got a similar setup on their jackets…

  5. I used their tops and bottoms last season. I will be using the same jacket and pants for many seasons to come! Only thing I thought could be improved upon would be the lack of mesh on the armpit vents and no gators on the sleeves. I kinda like gators. Especially when they are removable.

    The jacket took quite a few hits from branches, rocks and the edge of my board from short post hole hikes. It held up very well and still looks new.

    My last jacket lasted many seasons and I believe this one will do the same. Very happy with it.

    1. Yeah, their stuff seems like a rarity these days – built to last. Curious re: the mesh in the zips and why you’d like it. I always had issues with mesh lined and never felt they added value between the mesh getting in the zip, blocking some % of airflow and holding moisture, etc.

  6. I like the mesh in the armpit because it keeps a little bit of wind out but lets the heat out quickly. It also helps keep blowing snow out when you are hiking hard in a storm. Just enough not to load snow on your thermals. I guess it keeps the opening from opening up too far. I think they should only open a few inches. Anything more than that and you can have a snag or if you leave them open to ride and take a fall, you get a good load of snow packed inside that stops at your gator!

    Personal preference I guess. A good mesh will have fabric for the first inch so the mesh does not bind in the zipper. Zippers should always go down towards your toes to zip. Gravity and shock will keep your zippers closed.

    Then again, I believe I’m the best rider in the world and that my shit does not stink. Everything should be made for me and to my specs… 🙂 You must ride a board taller than you!


    1. OH MAN YOU HIT ON ONE OF MY PET PEEVES, THE POCKET ZIPPERS THAT CLOSE GOING UP! What the fuck designers, have you never lost a wallet, why fight gravity??


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