UAC Report on Jamie Pierre’s fatal avalanche

The Utah Avalanche Center released their report (with photos of the slide) on the avalanche that killed Jamie Pierre on Sunday. You can read the report here. Remember folks, just because the snowpack isn’t deep doesn’t mean you can’t get into trouble. I think we’re all guilty of thinking at least once that because it’s not deep you won’t be buried (much) and disregard the potential trauma that could arise from being thrown down a slope out of control. Also, this is fucked up

The rescue teams from the ski areas and Wasatch Backcountry Rescue often put their necks out on the line to access and evacuate an injured party. It was reported that other parties at Alta continued to ski and knock down avalanches into Greeley Bowl while the rescue was in progress.

C’mon people, really? Last, the below were the last tweet I saw on Saturday and the first I saw on Sunday. Kinda creepy, no?

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  1. oh, that’s not where I thought they were at all.

    Still sucks.

    1. only been in that area once so not familiar with it so dunno, but DAMN that bootpack photo with the avy path cut through it

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