Voile Splitboards 2011-2012

Next up in the look at 2011-2012 splitboards are the offerings from Voile. Voile took what I think is a surprising twist and are again only offering one board, but in four different lengths. I find it surprising as a few years back they had a deeper product line, and I know there are old OEM and newer one-off Voile swallowtails out there, I guess they decided the Mojo RX does everything well and there’s not enough demand for the others.  UPDATE:  Voile dropped me a line and they are actually offering two boards this year, the Mojo RX, and the limited release V-Tail (aka swallowtail)

2011-2012 Voile Mojo RX splitboard

The 2011-2012 Voile Mojo RX is the same wide nose/slight taper and setback shape as last year’s Mojo RX with a different topsheet.  Yes, I know their website says ‘New shape, new profile…’ but I reached out to Voile to confirm before pushing this.  However, one thing their website won’t tell you is that the topsheet’s difference is more than just visual.  This year Voile is using a Carbonium topsheet (as does Never Summer), which Voile claims is not only more durable but also less likely to accumulate snow when touring.  The Voile Mojo RX is available in four sizes (154, 161, 166 and 171) and a few configurations – board only (note that their definition of board only isn’t the same as others and actually comes with touring brackets, climbing heels and pucks/gaskets) for $695, board with all hardwear (aka just add bindings and go) and skins for $895, and the Light Rail package which includes everything plus their Light Rail splitboard bindings for $1095.


Mojo RX and Light Rail binding


Voile knew the world was clamoring for another topo themed splitboard and delivered


If your local shop doesn’t carry the Mojo, or is sold out of them, you can pick them up online here, here and here.

2011-2012 Voile V-Tail splitboard

Voile is offering a limited production swallowtail splitboard they are calling the V-Tail.  It’s not currently on their site (yet IS available on REI’s site) and looks like it’s going to be hen’s teeth like the Jones line, so if you want one get ‘er now.  Hoping to get some specs and info on this in a minute, if so will update.

Can’t find Voile at your favorite local retailer?  You can pick them up online here, here and here.

5 comments to Voile Splitboards 2011-2012

  • a

    These dudes are blowing it. Somehow, they’re blowing it.

  • Justin

    AGREE. EVERYBODY knows who the F they are since damn near every board licenses their technology, but they were too content and didn’t innovate. Spark bindings, the new Karakoram clips, etc.

  • a

    i just got some k-clips, gonna make a mega-split. I have the Voile bindings, which have been quite nice (three uses), but goddamn if these dudes aren’t blowing it, right?

    blowing it.

  • Justin

    Damn dude you’re ballin’. I can’t bring myself to pay $50 for clips (and even less likely to pay $600 or $800 for bindings, LOLWTF?!) for my board when the others currently get the job done – even if the Voile ones piss me off half the time getting iced up.

  • a

    I got the bindings last year from the homey. He was fed up waiting for his Sparks, so he got some Voiles. Of course, two days later, the Sparks arrived. I swooped the brand-new Voiles for exactly what he paid for them.
    The K-clips were definitely too much, but I want my splitboard to be a little more dialed.
    No way I’d pay six bills for bindings though.

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