2011-2012 K2 Panoramic splitboard

Next in line at our look at 2011-2012 splitboards is the offering from K2, who is a newcomer to the factory splitboard game. Given the resources K2 has been pouring into their massively expanding backcountry ski line, and the fact that slack and backcountry riding is becoming more mainstream, it should be of no surprise to see K2 not just release a splitboard but also matching skins and other backcountry tools.

2011-2012 K2 Panoramic splitboard
The K2 Panoramic is K2’s first foray into factory splitboards but is far from a half-assed freshman effort, taking home an Editor’s Choice award from Backcountry Magazine. The Panoramic comes equipped with many of their high end technologies, including a strong ‘Bambooyah Blended’ core (which is just partial Bambooyah and doesn’t appear to carry the same 5 year warranty the other Bambooyah boards do) and their Carbon Web, which is essentially a slimmed down, less visually intrusive (sorry marketing department) 2012 version of the old school Zeppelin torsion forks to give you a little extra pop and feel.


K2 Carbon Web in their own words


The Panoramic is sporting a directional shape with a 1″ setback stance and a slightly wider nose than tail. K2’s All-Terrain Rocker, which is flat between the feet with a medium rise nose and low rise tail. work in tandem with the stance setback and slightest oftaper to help you slay whatever gets thrown your way without being intrusive.


*devil horns*


One thing you’ll quickly notice on the K2 Panoramic are the integrated tip and tail connectors (aka ‘hey, that board has holes in the front and back’ – think old school K2 Eldorado), which work in tandem with the new K2 skins to keep your skins securely attached to your board (aka no more tails coming loose because your glue is a little old and you’re too lazy to reglue your skins).  I always thought it was odd that Voile never patented some tip/tail holes and connectors as part of their splitboard patent portfolio.


Photo courtesy of shayboarder.com, so click the image, check out her site and show her some love! She gets more days on snow than you, fact.


Available in four lengths (154, 158, 162 and 168), the Panoramic will be sold in a few configurations. For $599 you’ll get just the deck, which is a nice option if you’ve got newer skins and the Voile kit already. For $899 K2 is selling the whole enchilada – board, skins and Voile kit – which is a screaming deal courtesy of offshore manufacturing and the economies of scale that K2’s production volume allows.



If your local shop doesn’t carry the K2 Panoramic splitboard you can pick it up online from amazing Seattle retailer evo (and get free shipping) in board only or with hardware and skins.  It’s also available online through backcountry.com.

9 comments to 2011-2012 K2 Panoramic splitboard

  • A

    Still can’t see a factory split making sense, price-wise. Six hundo? Craze.

    And as for un-sticky tails, we zip a notch back there, into which we secure a knotted cord that’s grommeted into the end of the skin. Saul good.

    But yeah six bills seems silly to me.

    Yes, I am poor. But I know the value of leisure te lolololol

  • A


    Almost forgot.

  • Justin

    Yeah, if you’ve already got a board that you can spare it obviously makes more sense from a $$ perspective to just drop $150 on the Voile kit, borrow some tools, and give ‘er a go. A lot of people don’t have the skills/desire, or just have more money than time.

  • Justin

    Crockpot. Take 1 pork shoulder and poke holes in it with a fork. Rub it with a bit of liquid smoke, on top of that put a touch of sea salt. Throw it in the crock pot on low for 10-12 hours. It’ll shred itself and be in it’s own juices and is a damn good EZ kalua pig.

  • mmm….kalua pig….

    board looks good. been axing around to see if i can demo one.
    as in demolish.

  • Justin

    yeah man, try that recipe. it’s like…2 minutes of prep time, so easy, and you’ll have leftovers that make INSANE breakfast burritos (throw in some sweet onions, eggs and BBQ sauce), nachos, etc. etc. etc.

  • dude i actually have a crockpot that i know how to use too.
    fuck it. i’m getting pork tonight.

  • Justin

    it’s stupid easy. don’t put much liquid smoke on, at least to start as you can always add later. i usually add just enough so that all the pork has had some on it, but not dripping or anything. also don’t add any water or anything in the crock pot, when you wake up the pork will be neck deep in it’s own juices. you can start to get more creative later, but for a good, easy to make/hard to mess up recipe just pork shoulder/butt + liquid smoke + sea salt

  • A

    The only real reason I am into splitboards is my inability to deal with liftlines. Something Drex actually enjoys. Splitboarding won’t be worth it to you.

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