Never Summer splitboards 2011-2012

Next in line for our 2011-2012 splitboard overview are the offerings from the Never Summer and the super Blaho bros. What started as a labor of love, custom built after hours by the Blaho brothers, the Never Summer splits are now done during the regular 9-5 (I think…will doublecheck with them to confirm) with the Blaho’s design input. Designed and made in the USA, if you ask 9 out 10 snowboarders about NS boards you’ll get a response along the lines of ‘bombproof…high quality’. The 10th guy doesn’t know there are companies outside of Burton, but if you ask him again in a few years he’ll say the same. Long story short: they make the goods, and if there’s a board in their line that fits your style it’s worth checking out.

Never Summer only has two boards in their splitboard lineup this year, but I’d bet a beer if you contacted them you can still get any of their other boards factory split (with inner edge) for you.  Both of the boards utilize their patented R.C. (Rocker/Camber) Technology (read about the back and forth patent dick wagging between NS and Mervin) in tandem with their Vario Power Grip sidecut to give the boards that rocker feel and float without losing the ability to hold an edge and power out of turns.  The best way I can describe VPG is it’s a progressive sidecut board without the smooth blending of the various radii – basically, the sidecut is straight right in the center, switching to a moderate radius sidecut underfoot to a deeper radius just outside the bindings. To put it in better marketed terms (that will likely raise hackles at NS), it’s Never Summer’s take on a multi-contact point edge aka Magnetraction – though when you see it in real-life it’s far more subtle than MTX.  Anyways, on to the boards.

Never Summer Summit splitboard
The Summit is the big mountain pow/freeride board in the NS split lineup. Sporting a long wide nose and shorter tail, directional shape and flex, heavy taper and a damp (aka help avoid all those annoying stress fractures that build up and turn your feet purple after day in/day out riding in chopped up conditions) ride, the NS will help you slay whatever the mountain throws at you from pow to crud, then let you skin back up to get the goods again.  MSRP $999. If your local shop doesn’t carry Never Summer you can pick one up online at

Click the image to go to their site and click 'detail' - SIIIIICK!


Never Summer SL splitboard

A split version of Never’s all mountain freestyle board.  Less quiver board than the Summit, more of a one board wonder.  Less damp and more lively than the Summit, sporting a twin shape for backcountry spinjibbonking but a slightly setback stance to give your back leg less of a workout in the deep.  MSRP $999. If you can’t find the SL locally you can get it online at


Note that all Never Summer boards come with a 3 year warranty.  At $999 they (like most manufacturers) include just the Voile tip/tail clips and hooks.  Tack on another $300 if you want the full Voile splitboard hardware kit (touring brackets, pucks, slider tracks, pins, etc.) and climbing skins.

If you missed ’em don’t forget to check out the rest of the 2011-2012 splitboards, and keep checking back as more get featured.

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