BEER FRIDAY: Fresh hop ales

Sorry for the non-post yesterday, got caught neck deep in a Powerpoint and as this blog doesn’t make money and is but a labor of love it gets low priority over potential revenue generating opportunities (that being said if anybody wants to advertise here get at me!). I’ll continue highlighting 2011-2012 splitboards next week.

After a few false starts beer friday is BACK for real this time. This week’s beer isn’t a particular beer, but a style (well, as of right now it’s not an official GABF style and is a subcategory of experimental beers) – FRESH HOP ALES! Only available in the northern hemisphere during harvest time, a true wet hop ale uses hops picked within the past 24 hours. That’s right, instead of using dried hops or hop pellets brewers actually put the hop cone into the brew kettle. The finished product, when done properly – and properly to me for these beers means not going for an overly agggressive beer – is an AMAZING beer that really highlights the nuances of the individual hop varieties. A well done fresh hop IPA or pale is the perfect capper to a cool fall surf session or evening BBQ on an amazing PNW crisp fall evening, and are a nice sendoff of the summer beer palette.

Current favorite of the season: Breakside Brewery Fresh Hop IPA
Dog of the season: Full Sail Lupulin

So there you have it, another hard week in the books, treat yourself on your ride home to a locally brewed fresh hop ale!

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