Jones Splitboards 2011-2012

So next up in our peek at 2011-2012 splitboard offerings are the offerings by the newer kid on the block, Jones Snowboards.  In case you’ve been living under a rock (or are just new to the sport), Jones was started by self-powered backcountry line slayer Jeremy Jones (note: there are two Jeremy Jones – one the jibbonker you’ve likely seen on the Xgames, one self-powered backcountry line slayer that you may have seen on My Own Two Feet, Deeper, and coming ‘soon’ Further).  Started “to develop the highest performance all-mountain weapons on the market – freeride boards that reflect everything I’ve learned both on the snow and in the factory. Every snowboard we produce will be born of my passion and our designs will mirror the performance demands of my riding matched with the environmental demands of my conscience“, Jeremy chose the highly skilled folks at Nidecker (they don’t get much love here in the US – marketing fail? – but they crank out HIGH END boards) to bring his ideas to life.  Between his experience riding them, and their experience making them, you’re getting a high-quality product.

All of the Jones  splitboards also use ‘mellow Magnetraction’, aka a less hooky version of the kiddie crinkle cut french fry sidecut the folks at Mervin made famous, and like Venture every board Jones makes is available as a solid board or a split and use a FSC certified wood core.

Jones Solution Splitboard

This is the board that had everyone jonesin’ long before it was released last year as it was the first OEM board to hit the market with a few of the features that had been dreamt about for years – outer AND inner magnetraction edges.  After a few early manufacturing issues related to perfecting the inner edge the Jones Solution sold out as fast as it hit stores last year.  Camber between the feet with nose rocker starting midway under front foot.  Conflicting details on the tail rocker, I reached out to them to clarify if it starts midway under rearfoot as shown on the website or is setback as shown in the catalog.  MSRP $799. If your local shop doesn’t carry Jones Snowboards you can pick up the Solution online at evo, a great shop in Seattle, Portland based US Outdoor Store.or a few other shops listed below.



Jones Solution rocker profile....maybe
Jones Solution splitboard shown with optional big brass balls


Jones Hovercraft splitboard

I’ve heard this one described as a magic carpet for snow, this is your snow going Skip Frye keel fish/surfy surf pow slashing G-ride.  With directional rocker (aka camber underfoot and nose rocker only) and a stiffer tail this board won’t leave you flopping like a fish out of water (see what I did there?) when the pow turns to mank down low.  While it comes in a 160 standard board the only size available split is a 156.  MSRP $699


Jones Mountain Twin splitboard

Called a “freestyle board with a freeride heart“, the Jones Mountain Twin has a true twin shape with a directional flex pattern.  Using what Jones calls CAMROCK (think a less aggressive Rollie Fingers mustache), the Mountain Twin has camber between the feet and a a rockered nose/tail.  MSRP $749




If your local retailer carries the Jones aline and you even THINK you want one I’d advise buying it if you see one cuz last year these were like hen’s teeth. If they don’t carry them you can get the Solution Splitboard here, here and here and the Mountain Twin here (and I’ll update this post as more online retailers update their sites with winter gear).

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  1. friend of mine was riding that Mtn Twin end of last year. empty march pow missions. watched him take it down some lines that were pretty creative.

    seems to work just fine.

    1. I bet it works damn fine! Still bumming hard I missed the prime Nina last year with my damn sewn on finger

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