Mt. Adams summit panorama

Quick ‘n dirty ‘n washed out due to lack of CPL panorama from the summit of Adams. Click (and then click again…) to view larger.

aka I hiked 6k vertical feet for horribly suncupped crappy turns and all I got was this lousy photo.

2 comments to Mt. Adams summit panorama

  • Ooh, nasty sun cups. I was debating Adams vs. Shasta for this weekend, you helped me make my decision. That and I heard that Hotlum Wintun was amazing a few weeks ago, no sun cups at all! We will see…

  • Justin

    I’ve heard the SW chutes on Adams have been smooth, but you have to wait til 3/4 PM for them to corn up. I had to be back in the city so just hit what I could knowing it’d be far more enjoyable if I was just glissading. Figured it was a training mission, lugging everything up on my back and whatnot.

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