Jackson Day 3

Yeah, these have been a bit slow getting out. Not feeling all that verbose, so just a few photos.

Sick Westfalia Syncro (4wd) with truck bed liner paint job. Yes, I’ve got permawood for VW busses of all vintages.


Was so windy it blew out a three burner gas grill with the wind closed.

This ridgeline looked like it could be fun

One of the many reasons I like mountain towns

Untitled from Justin H on Vimeo.

Short vid of part of Snow King/Cache Creek ride. First minute is a touch boring.

Untitled from Justin H on Vimeo.

Used GoAm FTL! Now when I update my facebooktwitter+circles with the minutae of my day I can do it at 30fps. If a picture is worth 1k words thats 30k words per second.

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