Classic Surfrider Foundation Commercial

This one is all about the song. I remember watching ESPN Hot Thursday (or was it Tuesday?) Nights, always hoping to see some skating or BMX freestyle or surfing, but it typically ended up being volleyball and jetski racing with Larry ‘The Ripper’ Rippenkroger (not sure why that name has stuck with me thru the years). This commercial was always on and just exacerbated my desire to go to California, because y’know everybody there rides GTs and Dynos on the Camarillo ramp, do rocket airs like Hosoi down in Huntington Beach, etc. etc. Oh yeah, I remember everytime surfing WAS on it was in shitty HB slop and reaaaaaaallly boring to watch. Low speed takeoff on a foamy blown out mess of a wave that makes our beachbreaks look good, half assed looking floaters, etc. repeat. I can still hear PT’s commentary. Anyways, the show was inevitably anticlimactic (unless you liked watching dudes with mullets and Oakley Razor Blades riding jetskis, and the beach volleyball was far from this type of goodness) yet still managed to always get me stoked to go ride my launch out front.

Anyways, yeah, this song, and thus it’s delivery vehicle the commercial, have been permanently burned into my mind.

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