Trip Report: Surveyor’s Ridge

Distance: Not far, a leisurely 10 miles

Weather: Sunny with an intermittent cloud early. Halfway point saw the wind kick up to where the clouds were moving so fast it looked like riding in a time lapse video.

Short summary: After last weekend’s attempt at finding a different trail resulted in almost running out of gas and turning tail to limp back to fuel up felt good to get on the trail. Wildflowers starting to bloom – seriously can you beat the Northwest at this time of year? Terrain started to change about halfway in from definitely western to hinting at eastern Cascades. Sign at the trailhead said recent bear sighting, but as it was gay pride parade day in Portland I figured any bears would be in the city. Good short ride that I’d do again if I had more time to go further.

The up: There wasn’t a ton of challenging uphill here, was mostly rolling terrain and gentle elevation changes. A couple rocky sections that resulted in getting off and pushing the bike through due to ridiculous pedalstrikes and riding Han Solo styley – didn’t want to break myself off with no one around.

The down: After a time check and turnaround the downhill was more apparent than the uphill – didn’t have to pedal much thru large sections of trail. Scenery went from wide open vistas and sidehill traverses to forested singletrack and back again. Great views of Mt. Hood. With the wind kicking up a lenticular cloud was starting to form over the peak. Had a nice pedalstrike on a rock around a corner kick me off the bike. Fortunately kicked me off to the right and not the left as it would have been a bit of a downhill roll otherwise!

Elevation summary

Just another wildflower covered scenic vista

Landscape started to change a bit halfway in

Lenticular forming

Same scene slightly wider

Quick vid I took of the wind after my pedalstrike to dismount

Pedal graffiti

Next time take a slightly wider line

Post-ride payoff

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