Doc’s Pro Plugs

If you surf in cold water on any sort of regular basis you owe it to yourself to invest $10 in a pair of Doc’s Pro Plugs. Just got off the phone with another surf buddy who has had the surgery, made me think that I always forget my plugs and notice that my ears and hearing always feel ‘funky’ for a few days after. Dunno if that means I’ve started to get the bone growth and the water has trouble clearing or if it’s just the placebo effect, but I’m going to start keeping my plugs in the car so I can’t forget them.

There are a variety of plugs you can try – Doc’s, just those old silicone jobbies, fancier custom made plugs – but for the price I think the Doc’s are the way to go. They cost more than the silicone ones, but they are vented so you can still hear what’s going on vs. the silicone ones. I’ve got a pair of custom jobs as well that I used to wear when riding my motorcycle, but apparently your ear canal shape changes and I’ve found better luck just using foam plugs on the bike.

Anyways, save yourself some pain and wear plugs, if nothing else just on the reaaaaly cold and/or windy days.

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  1. doesn’t a hood pretty much handle that?

    1. in a different way, yeah. instead of keeping water out of your ears a hood warms the water that gets into your ears. i don’t surf in a hood, tho hopefully soon will invest in a hooded suit

  2. lank me to whatever crazy condition you’re talmbout

    coldwater earbone growth? the fuck?

    1. yeah dude, surfer’s ear. the surgery is basically cut behind ear, peel it back, drill out bone growth, sit around for two months hating life.

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