2 Replies to “Billabong V1 flotation wetsuit”

  1. man…i don’t know.
    i bet those b-bong lawyers are squirming…

    still…i can’t imagine the point where i get bored of head high waves that have plenty of power to crush to when i feel the need to surf 40foot shit.

    but yeah…what would happen if you did come to the surf and a 20ft lip was about to blast you and you couldn’t swim down?

    whole nother level i don’t understand i guess…

    1. yeah, does not comprehend here either. my assumption is dorian knows what’s up since he’s been doing the big wave thing for awhile, has friends that have done it, friends that have died doing it, etc. that if it’s stoking him out must be A-OK. re: the duck dive thing after thinking about it further you’d have probably been pushed far enough inside that you’re just going to ride it in to change the canister and your shorts. i’m sure the cost will be prohibitive enough to keep the riff raff from buying one!

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