Trip report: Syncline (again…I know)

An old college buddy was in town this weekend before he started his new gig, figured as Saturday was supposed to be spring-like that I’d bring him out to Syncline as 1) it would be dry relative to anything else around 2) I like Double Mountain and 3) wanted to check out a few bikes at one of the shops in town that he was going to rent from.

Late start on the day as we had to wait a bit for breakfast in the city at Tasty n Sons (BTW, great hostess, great service, great food, worth checking out). Loaded up the new Rockymount Pitchfork for it’s first ‘further than 5 miles and freeway speeds’ test, into local shop for a rental (their rental fleet consists of Camber 29ers….not bad for $25!), onto the trailhead. Quick change and onto the ride.

Distance: Longer than usual due to world’s slowest rider not being there, but far from difficult – about 11.5 miles.

Weather: Heh. Started off nice and springlike, though a touch windy. Turned into what I can only imagine it feels like to ride into the eye of a tornado. 35+ sustained headwinds, rain, hail, thunder, etc. for the last 4 miles or so. Awesome.

Short summary: Good times with a touch of adventure. Tried a new way, had to bushwack for a bit + the full frontal weather assault finish made for one of those days you won’t soon forget. The a-man jinx has (thus far) been avoided

The up: Just the usual low speed/enjoy the scenery and bullshitting with old friends climb. Lots of wind, at points you’d had to stop as it would push you off the trail. Pretty nuts, the shaky vid below doesn’t show nearly how it was. Doubletrack/Jeep Trail up the the brown house, left up the singletrack, onto the fire road, got bored of that so turned around and hooked a louie back at the brown house to explore a bit.

The down: Welp, not as fun as it could have been had we gone down Little Maui. Tried a new trail that was fun and flowy for a bit, eventually the trail just disappeared – conveniently right about the time the weather went to hell. Little bit of bushwacking here and there, one banged knee and some racked nuts, couple mile spin down the road, back to the blackhawk.

In what’s become a ritual, post-ride pizza and beer DEVOURED at Double Mountain Brewery. Yes, I’m a sucker for wood fired pizza and it’s a proven fact that beer tastes better after riding, snowboarding or surfing.

Route overview. Same ol' same ol' halfway with a finishing twist
Elevation summary. Still need to do a hors cat├ęgorie climb
Captain Spandex shows how the bright Camber pops against a dark background

5 Replies to “Trip report: Syncline (again…I know)”

  1. I’m headed back.
    I gotta go back.
    That place was fun.
    I go back.
    Soon I go back.

    1. whenever you’re rollin’ lemme know and i’ll get the spare room ready if you need a place to hang your hat. dont have your # anymore tho, my old phone died so lost everything.

  2. Notice Captain Spandex’s ill-judged choice of protective eye-ware.

    1. you ever get all the dirt clods out of your eyes?

  3. this alex usually rolls no glasses: they fog on the climbs, and I go too slow on the way down to worry too much about eyeclodz.

    I want to hit it with the hood river homey before the poiZon oak comes, which is apparently within a month. I’ll let you know.

    have you done juicy lucy or loosey goosey or whatever it’s called? That’s the one we did, and it was rad
    oh shit I gotta go back!

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