Jeremy Jones + Johan Olofsson ‘Mind the Addiction’

What I imagine it feels like to drop into these lines:

1) Strap on snowboard
2) Stand against your living room wall, toes first
3) Lean into wall, run hand down to hold your balance
4) Have a friend throw a 5 lb bag of flour in your face

Ridonkulousity <---new word, call Merriam

3 comments to Jeremy Jones + Johan Olofsson ‘Mind the Addiction’

  • a

    just when I was about to push pause to tell the world how much better johan looks on a snowboard than jeremy jones, dude fired up the facecam and got out of that chopper


  • I can’t seem to fully load this site from my droid!!!

  • Justin

    yeah dude, and seeing the sluff there on the right looking like a wave breaking against a jetty is pretty nuts, too. i like the part about trying to see the line, waiting awhile til it pops up…um…yeah

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