Couple pics from the weekend (not snow/outdoors related)

A couple quickly edited shots from the weekend. Shooting high speed activities in horribly lit indoor arenas made me crave a camera body that’s less than 6 years old and NOT a crop as my 50/1.4 would have given me a bit more of the action in the frame. You’ll notice they are all a bit desaturated, tried to hide some of the pixel noise. I think a 17-40L, or maybe just 30something prime, on a non-crop body would be the best one lens quiver for shooting ringside. Meh, whatever, I suck, on to the pics.

As always if you want the BEST muay thai in Portland check out Portland Thai Boxing

Portland Thai Boxing

Brandon does his wai kru

Portland Thai Boxing

Josh watches his opponent enter

Portland Thai Boxing

Love the simultaneous knees

Portland Thai Boxing

Somebody in this photo has sore ribs today

Portland Thai Boxing

Love Dante's eyes in this one, just looks like he's ready to finish him off

Portland Thai Boxing

Had an idea for a shot and just missed it here. Was hoping to get a clinch battle in the corner and get both of their faces in. So close yet so far. Next time....

And on Sunday was able to get out and do something for myself

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