Trip report: Forest Park

Just an average, albeit muddy, ride on the fire roads of Forest Park.

Distance: Around 15 miles. The iMapMyRide profile is wrong since I forgot to turn the thing off and includes a side trip to Ben of Race Peak Performance’s house.

Weather: Typical April 24th PNW spring. Pouring, sunny, pouring, hail, rinse, repeat

Short summary: Muddy. Another Forest Park yawner that’d be more fun on a cross bike, though it’s the type of trail that a 29er feels like the right ride as well. The smell of the PNW in spring always brings back memories though, and I do appreciate having a park like that close in, just wish there was more double/singletrack – not that it would have been rideable given the rains though.

The up: Leif Erikson to Upper Saltzman. Low angle, puddle strewn, Team in Training joe cubejockey triathlete runner douche infested fire roads. Everybody you encounter is all nods and smiles though, none of the hikers/runners vs. bikers crap that you see in some places. Piles of dogshit and/or bagged dog shit every couple hundred yards, will be no surprise if they outlaw dogs in the park (not that they’d enforce it…).

The down: Upper Saltzman to Lower Saltzman to 30 to Thurman. More enjoyable than the up due to the mud and feeling the tires lose traction and regain it every 25 yards. Couple mile road spin to give the personal illusion of some semblance of fitness and speed to finish.

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