Graft free Wednesday

First, lets get it out of the way. Nice carpet, I know.

Next up, I’m not a doctor, but I’m going to have to say that based on my rigorous observation of my finger out of it’s temporary habitat that it is indeed growing back together and a skin graft will be unnecessary. Was seriously tripping when they told me that may be needed at the doc’s office, especially since in my old age I seem to heal for shit anymore, but I think she’s lookin’ good!

Just the tip, just to see how it feels...

5 Replies to “Graft free Wednesday”

  1. is the red stuff blood?

    if so, that’s grody. if not, I guess that’s still grody.

    1. yeah, it didn’t stop bleeding for 3 days or so, and they said not to try and clean it or do anything that would make it wet. go figure, all my life been taught to do the peroxide/etc. type stuff.

  2. Wait, so the carpet was all white before the accident!? At least you had the frame of mind to do something artistic…

  3. uck…nasty dude….the hell did you do?

    1. got attacked by a pack of wild ninjas. turned the top of my finger into a flip-top bottle.

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