REVIEW: Wusthof Grand Prix knives

(This review is only snow/outdoors related in that it will keep me from riding the next few days)

Sharper than Charlie Sheen’s wit. They cut garlic lightning quick.

Lightsaber sharp. I don’t mean that in a ‘cut your dead tauntaun guts/smells bad inside’ way

I’m talking more like Darth Vader to your Obi-Wan

Kinda like Obi’s robe when he got cut down, no?

my finger went from girl to woman last night

Injured reserve for a week or two

Yup, pulled the ultimate bonehead move last night, turned my finger into a flip top. Hopefully 10 piece knife set and 10 digits is just a coincidence. Ruined my night of watching free fights with some good new beer, and while Obama might be paying for my gas and mortgage he didn’t pay for my stitches and tetanus shot. Perspective though, it’s only 10 days assuming the piece grows back on, if not I guess it’s skin graft. That’ll be cheap. Word.

Mud = fun. Cutting finger tip off = not fun

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  1. Trolleyman62 says: Reply

    Don’t be a puss, go boarding with Dimatris on saturday.Good conditions

    1. HA! Doood, i know, but the doc had me scared w/ the part about my handiwork being on the cusp of needing a skin graft/plastic surgery! said even w/ the stitches it may still need that….lame

  2. Trolleyman62 says: Reply

    Scars are a sign of battle toughness. 9″ of fresh today

    1. so wazzit sick?



    There will be other sunny days in the mountains (was it sunny? megapow and sunny yesterday on the splits), don’t trip on missing one.

  4. tTrolleyman62 says: Reply

    Great day but not as good as Tues. the 1st when one of our fellow mountianeers lost their life at Crystal.Knee deep all day long. Still no sign.

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