9 Replies to “First kickflip on a surfboard”

  1. …and the net goes wild.
    pretty funny comments on the transworld site. crazy how many pissy people out there.

    it’ll be interesting to see if Vcom hooks this dude up with the 10G’s.

    1. havent seen it. but yeah, especially so in the surf scene, between the haters and the ‘locals’ not sure which is worse. fuck em all, surfing is fun and thats that, how you can be a stressed out dickbag on a chest high day, will never understand.


  2. Are the haters calling that shit feeble and gross-looking? Because it was.

    Dude should put in a few years making them look less grody and then break out the camera.

  3. Haters Hate. This dude does kick flips…. I vote this dude all day long.
    Surf Mexico

  4. til you can do it better, I don’t think there’s any need to talk trash.
    think it’s easy? let’s see YOUR vid.

  5. Nah.
    I don’t have to suit up to tell you the Cavs suck. I’ve never designed a car but I’m comfortable telling you PT Cruisers are horrible.
    That shit is gross looking, end of story.

  6. And the GI Joe this dude should remind you of is Zartan.

    He invented those bags of rice.

    1. oooh yah, forgot about that guy. good call there.

  7. guess haters are too busy hatin’
    I’d rather be surfing

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