Your next ski rigs?

First up, what about the Koenigsegg Agera R. I mean hey, it’s got a (really f’in expensive, £17,593!) ski box right?

If that’s not of interest to you there’s always the new Ferrari FF. Yup, the prancing horse guys released a 4wd that can fit you and four of your uber-rich bros.

Whichever one you choose you’ll be sure to take the “I’m the asshole in an A8 in the ditch that caused 80 to get closed down for a few hours” to a whole ‘nother income level.

5 Replies to “Your next ski rigs?”

  1. doesn’t look that comfy for sleeping…i’ll stick with shitty vans till i hit the Mega Millions…

    1. yeah, i dunno if there’s enough headroom in those things for driving so i’m cool with what i got too.


  3. Commonplace at squaw on a holiday. Meanwhile the driver sits in the lodge sipping peppermint shnapps and coco on a powder day, enjoying his ‘ski’ trip.

    1. in a bogner onesie?

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