Splitboarding project anybody?

This site is a pre-built check list for some interesting tours, anybody interested?


Apparently remnants of Milwaukee Bowl ski jump and skiboggan still exist around Hyak, etc. etc. Could be interesting.

Another interesting fact: chair 6 at Crystal is one of the old Yodelin resorts chairlifts.

3 comments to Splitboarding project anybody?

  • a

    i got the voile bindings offa the homey. they’re good enough.

    high campbell chair is tite when it goes under the poles like it does. i like that shit.

    probably going to hit yodelin on saturday for safezone dorkarounding.

  • Justin

    whoa, u got some of the splitty bindings? damn son, you’re big time now. i’m still on circa-2000ish burtons. actually lost a toe buckle on my newerish bindings tonite at ski bowl. lame.

  • Justin

    oh yeah and yodelin, tite

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