Wild Nights Episode 1

Creative reuse of an old train tunnel

Wild Nights 1.1 from WildCardmovies.com on Vimeo.

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3 comments to Wild Nights Episode 1

  • a

    and why is this a creative use of the tunnel? Reading that, I was sure I was going to see somebody upside down at the top, looping it.

    I am biased, as I think these dudes’ movies are horrible, but really. Could’ve been a wall behind a 7-11 in Utah (and it has been, for about five years).

  • creativity is creativity.

    followers following.

  • Justin

    Hmm…I’d never seen the wall ride into a tunnel and also getting the guy on the reflection angle before, but I guess I haven’t seen a jibbonker snowboard flick in years.

    And I originally thought it was gonna be the full loo pmyself.

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