Rope swing insanity

Whoa. Saw this over at Wend. Pro skier dood Mike Wilson = nuts.

Bonus vid: same dood, different water form, still crazy as fuck

4 comments to Rope swing insanity

  • a

    Cheeseball. Couldn’t get any more obvious than bringing your dad out to watch. Oh well. Hero to EcoChads everywhere, probably.

    I thought with “rope swing” in the title it was gonna be this:

    (and I’d’ve been more stokeder)

  • Justin

    yea, i did think all the wakeboard boats and shit around it was a little bit eh.

    seen the vodka swingers, setting that up at my house

  • a

    good to see not all of my internet zones have been lost to dorkizm. If dude hadn’t brought in an audience and sponsors to rope swing off a rock, it’d be all-time.

    and yes, I just coined “EcoChad.”

  • Justin

    yeah, the wakeboardboatdooshredbull setup was a bit much, but i guess if that’s how dude has to pay his bills i’m not mad

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