Good thing he wasn’t using an OEM Subaru rack

Saw this car last night on the way to muay thai.  Obviously this guy wasn’t using an OEM Subaru rack for this load.  There was at least a wash machine (or dishwasher), a TV (ruined in the rain) and a couple chairs on that guy’s roof, but that’s just the crap I could identify.  It’s like the modern Beverly Hillbillies or something.

2 Replies to “Good thing he wasn’t using an OEM Subaru rack”

  1. iono bro i dropped my razrphone in the toilet or something and it wasn’t ruined. just put it in a tupperware full of dry rice for a couple of days. it’d be a lot of rice, sure, but HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU CLAIM THIS TEEVEE IS RUINED? FUCK YOU!@

    1. i actually thought you were going down the ‘and it still takes better pics than that piece of shit phone you’ve got’, the twist at the end got me

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