Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals

Not seeing much out there that would resonate with most of you.  Why?  Because typically we aren’t the assholes that think the holiday season is about consumption (well, I do when it comes to food), lining up at 3AM to get someone the ‘perfect gift’, when in reality the perfect gift is likely spending time with them.  Saw a couple deals you may/may not be interested in.

Massey Outfitters is doing 20% off a ton of schwag, stuff and doohickeys.  Looks like a ton of Marmot stuff is on sale as well.  No personal experience with them, so as always buyer beware.

Snowboard Connection is doing up to 40% off (yeah, I know, those whole ‘up to’ sales are always a pair of socks for 40 off, everything else 2% off).  They’re also throwing in free shipping and no sales tax for those of you that don’t live in the Seattle area.

It’s not BF specific, but REI still has their Winter Sale going as well.

Anyways, yeah, go have 2nds and 3rd of turkey and giblets and whatnots.

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