9 out of 10 fappers agree…

poormansheli gets it done!  Was looking at some search referral traffic today.

These look normal.  About what I’d expect.

Nothing to see here, pretty ordinary and expected given the subject matter.

Ehh….just search for the Wallyworld sporting goods company, right?  Right?

Whoa, wait, what??  Guess I know how a-man found the blog.

4 Replies to “9 out of 10 fappers agree…”

  1. You can chalk me up for one of those Burton Custom X searches. I found this blog through that search and just wanted to say, “nice work”. I’ve enjoyed the posts. Especially the AK Valdez 2010 Seth Wescott vid. Got me psyched for the season.

    BTW, just ordered a 2011 custom X 164. It couldn’t arrive soon enough.

    1. Right on Jeff! Where do you ride?

  2. dude whatever i’m so sure

    1. like OMG

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