TR: The Enchantments

After a long, broke ass summer finally had the time to take a little ‘summer vacation’, get outdoors, and check out some sick PNW scenery. Was fortunate enough to have a friend’s name pulled in the lottery for passes, and fortunate again that one of those passes had my name on it.

The Enchantments. Overall sick stuff, the scenery is less Pacific Northwest and more Sierra Nevada meets Switzerland. Free range larch and odd furry white urine vacuums. Good times all around.

Will keep building on the TR as I get time to actually upload pics and post, for now a quick rundown.

Running from Sasquatch on day 1

Adam trying to look chic in the hills with his scarf

The color and the temperature of this water will both take your breath away

A’ight, off to MT to burn off some frustration. To be continued…

Back.  MOAR!

Ben is proud of how he matched his sleeping pad to the lake color

Aasgard Pass gatekeeper

Moving water was freezing at 5k feet. Was going to be fun going up.

Nice scenery on the east(?) side of Dragontail

Crappy views from a ho hum little lunch spot

Full suspension rock hopper

Bemis and Kohler doing their thing

The greatest of all time eating breakfast

Night shot of the 'bar' where many Wild Turkeys were killed

Night 2 camp at base of Little Annapurna. Not much sleep that night due to wind.

Beautiful morning made getting up after little sleep easier

Some of the best water ever right there

Water crossing

Oddly sketch downclimb. The rocks were iced over with the slickest ice ever.


View of our last night's destination, the far lake

3 comments to TR: The Enchantments

  • a

    look at that!
    Ice cold!
    good looks!

  • Damn dude. That place looks incredible.

    What kind of camera are you using, by the way?

    This whole “new job, have money” thing makes me want a new camera.

  • Justin

    Yeah, it’s sick. Put your name in the lottery for tix next year. My camera is just an old school Rebel. The lens I used for most of those was the Sigma ultrawide (10-20 I think it is?). It’s OK, but I def need a polarizer for it otherwise it gets wicked flare and gives the pics a plasticky look.

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