REI Fall Sale starts today

REI Fall Sale started today, finally allowing you an opportunity to upgrade your warm season wardrobe into something more fitting for Fall. It’s the pretty standard ’25-30% off a selection of items plus a coupon code (FALL20) for 20% off anything except big items’. A couple items stood out as decent deals.

REI Shuksan eVent jacket

eVent = little boy. Brand new eVent jacket + REI warranty + just over $200 = fat man. Both are the bomb, one is just bigger.

REI Shuksan eVent jacket

Marmot Precip

Yeah, another jacket, and certainly not the most breathable jacket out there. But, at $69 is perfect for some fall steelhead bushwhacking, and it’s cheap enough that you won’t cry about if you tear it on a tree limb.

Marmot Precip jacket

Exped Synmat 9 Deluxe

Exped Synmat

Spendy? On sale for $110, so hell yes. Heavy? Yup. But can you find a pad or combo of pads with a higher R-value for winter camping? Bonus points for having the pump built into the pad now, you used to have to use the stuff sack as a bag to inflate it so the condensation in your breath didn’t freeze inside the insulation.

All REI brand down bags 25% off

Yeah, all of ’em, any temp rating. 10 degree long? Yup, on sale. -20 short? Yup, on sale.

Arete 3 ASL

Yes, technically it’s a three man/three season tent. In reality it’s a two man + gear three and a half season tent. Basically, you and a buddy can get thru anything you’d want to be out in. Yes, it will likely get shredded on shitty winds on Rainier, but for most things outside of hardcore mountaineering a good tent for the price. Oh, and yeah, it’ll be warm in the summer.

In other news, this blog layout sucks, I need to go back to the old one. Anyways, yeah, get your economic stimulus on.

3 comments to REI Fall Sale starts today

  • Your header is a bit wonky in Opera, mate.

  • Yeah man, I gotta say that the old stuffsack pump on my Downmat 7 (that I got at an REI super clearance a couple of years ago) is pretty shitty. The new built-in style is WAY betterer.

    Santa Ana store is having an additional 50% off their clearance stuff on the 25th for their final moving sale. Gonna have to hit that up. They’re moving now, and then pioneering new fixtures like the week before Thanksgiving. Sounds wild.

    I miss it, but overall I’m glad I don’t work there anymore.

  • Justin

    Thx for the heads up. The whole site is a bit wonky these days, need to scrap this layout and go back to the old design!

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