Lib Tech Skate Banana sale

Yeah, the blog has been failing miserably lately.  Meh.  Thought this was a decent sale and may be worth checking if you’re looking for a new board.  Skate Banana for $367 bones.  Quite a few other boards on sale, too, worth a look in case your local shop doesn’t carry Lib and/or sold out.


UPDATE 10/14/11:  As this post is still getting traffic but is from an old sale I put a gear finder search box up on the top right rail to help you find any items on sale.  Just go up there, type in what you’re looking for and click search and a list of items and prices matching your criteria will show up.  Should help you quickly find what you want and at a price you want it at!

4 comments to Lib Tech Skate Banana sale

  • amanaplanacanalpanama

    never spend over a c-note for a snowboard dude wtf

  • Justin

    I’m on yeaaars old boards myself man, lol

  • My blog’s doing way worse, although I hope to change that soon.

    BTW, Jones just posted their distributor list. Surprised, and stoked, to see REI on it. Not that I’m an REI fanboy, despite working there, but that’s great for Jones.

    If you check LinkedIn (or The Padded Room) now you’ll see my real new gig.

  • Justin

    Yeah man, been kind of ignoring it, but also busy working on Mobspot stuff that has kept me from really being in the mood to blog. That, and I’ve been in the city every fucking day this month, and will be that way for another two weeks or so. Meh.

    Saw the distributor list. There are far more than I was expecting – was expecting him to just use existing Nidecker retailers for the inaugural year.

    I’ll have to check LI/The Padded Room (I could use a fap to take the edge off anyways)

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