PMH Douche of the Week: Joseph Condorelli, Grenade Gloves CEO

Long story short (good read though, amusing how this ‘CEO’ handles himself – seriously, read it):  photographer Chris Messervey snaps photos on a trip, Grenade uses a photo on a website, photog gets no credit/pay for his work.  Did the photog mess up by not sending watermarked images to Dustin Craven?  For sure, and it would have been understandable and acceptable if the CEO had merely said hey, sorry about the lack of attribution and compensation, get me your info and I’ll cut you a check.  (I’m actually surprised this hasn’t gone uberviral given the level of sensitivity amongst pro photographers around newer photogs giving away their work and thus marginalizing the entire industry.  Pro shutterbugs, where’s the outrage?)

However, that’s not what happened, and the CEO pretty much did the impossible – he out douchebagged the flatbilling eXXXXtreme penile compensating truck driving sheeple that rock the Grenade sticker on their “4WD pantydroppers”.

A couple of solid quotes by said douche:

I do not pay for website photography if you would like me to take it down I will
I do not wish you any harm but you should not give your art to someone if you are looking to sell it….If it is business you want let me know if it is money please do not keep bothering me about this you know where I stand.

This next one is a beaut’

I looked all over the website and I do not see what you are talking about but I can tell you this if you are such a great photographer
This must be why I never heard of you because you waste people’s time.
This will be the last time I write the next time I will contact an attorney

The best part is Chris Messervey sent him the link to the file hosted on his site in his response.  #CEOfail.  There were a few more exchanges between the photographer Chris, the Grenade team manager Jordan Brown (who seemed to want to do the right thing), and the CEO Joseph Condorelli finally chimed in with

I told you ten time stop communicating with this guy please he is unstable or something I will report you to the authorities and you know if you are begging for a XXX dollar handout you must be living in the streets now stop

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Jospeh Condorelli

My favorite part is having his first name misspelled in his signature file.

I hope that this story makes the rounds and that photographers choose to NOT work with these guys next year as this is bullshit.  So in recognition of all your efforts we salute you Mr. Joseph Condorelli, CEO of Grenade Gloves, and award you with a bowl of dicks! May you choke on one of them.

It should be noted that I took this parody image from and didn't pay him for it. I did link to it, and I will buy him a beer for his efforts should he make it to Portland.

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  1. Major thanks for the article post.Thanks Again. Really Cool.

  2. Enos Longfinger, Esquire says: Reply

    It is true that Joseph Condorelli is the all time “King of the douche, douche-nozzle extraordinaire, f-tard” the snowboard world has ever known. This is no small achievement. I salute you Joseph!

  3. I’m so glad you exposed this terd. I have to chime in here and share my JC story. I used to be in commercial printing a few years back, and actually won the bid to print GG’s product catalog. I worked with Jo directly (joy). Things were OK: he was a typical client, a bit pushy. He made several changes at the last minute that really could have screwed up the print schedule, but I bent over backwards to help him out because I really wanted to do a good job. The issue came when we went to drop off the pallet of catalogs. As was our company’s procedure, I asked him to have a check ready for us to pick up once we delivered the catalogs. When he neglected to have a check ready to pay us, our driver wouldn’t unload the catalogs (he was just doing what he was told). “What?! I can’t believe you would hijack our catalogs! I ain’t paying nobody nothing! This is the worst customer service I’ve ever received. I will never work with you again!” His accounting department, much to their credit, talked some sense into the numbskull and told him it’s customary in America to pay someone in exchange for a product. He held his word and never worked with us again, and for that I am a happier person.

    1. Nice post Scott! This had me rolling “it’s customary in America to pay someone in exchange for a product.” Note that I’m drunk so it’s not necessarily that it was that funny (though it likely is)

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