Touring/splitty themed art – David Marlaire

Saw this over on TGR, had to post it up here.

David Marlaire is a splitboarder and a damn fine artist, expressing his love of the outdoors through his art. His bright, vibrant colors instantly made me think of Jaime Lynn’s art (think: a good chunk of Lib base graphics over the past 15 years+ years) and some of his scenics and textures made me think of Eric Jacobsen. Sick stuff I think you’ll dig, a sampling of it is below, but check it all out at his site

This one is my personal fave, between the colors and just reminding me of a lunch stop on my Thanksgiving tour with Kyle Miller, where we were stoked out of our minds when we got above the cloud level and the sun was reigning down on us. Looking at it brings back that feeling, and good art is supposed to evoke emotion, no?

'Folding the skins'

Sick detail on the pow spray

'Shotgun Couloir'

I’d like to see some snow film/art tours the way the surf industry does it (i.e. The Happening, etc.) so that talented guys like David are able to make a living stoking the rest of us out.

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