Peugeot rebuild

Figured that I had nothing to do today, may as well get started on the girlfriend’s Christmas gift (Christmas 2009…I’m a bit late here). It’s my mom’s old Peugeot, the twin to my dad’s bike that I revamped for myself last summer (first pic). Not looking to do anything crazy with it, just get it rolling, shifting and stopping again, and maybe give it a touch of flash with a Brooks saddle, maybe a porteur rack and some color matched cable housings.

So, here’s the Peugeot as it stood an hour ago. Mixtes are so 2010. Phonecam pic doesn’t bring out the 1/2″ of tarnish/grease/cobwebs/brie crumbs/etc.

Going to start by just putting my wheels on the frame so I can stand ‘er up and get 30 years of grime off.

Kind of odd in these days of over the top branding/EXTREME MONSTER ENERGY GRAPHICS!!! that the only model name/number these bikes have appears to be scotch taped on. Apparently this is a PH18.

Almost looks like the Rossi rooster? Well, maybe it would if the photo wasn’t so DOF’d blurry (hands were greasy, didn’t want to F w/ the camera much so just pointed/shot)

Front (and rear) lights still work with a generator that sits on the rear tire when you want to create power. Kind of cool, but dim. May see if there’s a way to gut it and rebuild with LEDs.

That’s it for now, will update as I make real progress.

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  1. French is not a good look right now (World Cup – related)…

    and you’ve been claiming mixte as next big thing forever dood…now I can’t really get out there on the bikes yet, but comeon srsly that take off? you win any bets with that one? I sure hope not…those things are atrocious!

    srsly though you should be able to LED anything, right? Might not be cheaper, but gotta be pretty easy, with all the lighting systems out there…

    UHF on RTN right now, BTW…

    1. SHOULD be able to do anything LED, just can it be done cheap and easy? dunno yet, but i’ll figure it out eventually.

    2. and French hasn’t been a good thing in a long, long time

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