Extra 20% off at REI Outlet

Looks like REI is doing the extra 20% off at the outlet again. Some good deals to be had if you don’t need the latest and greatest, or are an odd size. A couple items that stood out to me below.

REI Clipper

Had this one for years, held up to everything I needed it for and more. Don’t think you can find a better tent for about $100.

Heli approved

ALPS Mountaineering Catalyst 3

ALPS Mountaineering isn’t well known as they aren’t the company typically raising the bar. They take a more modest approach, using tried and true materials. Three man tent for about $120 looks like a deal.

Three man tent for about $120

Fritschi Explore Bindings

For the lighter two plank wanker out there, some Fritschis. If you don’t need the DIN of the Dukes these could be a steal for you at the price.

Skier footholder doohickeys

TNF Patrol 35 pack

This one was in the consideration set, and a good pack if it fits.

Grand Trunk hammock

A luxury item for sure, and I used to laugh at them myself, but then one day I lay down post-hike in a friend’s…and woke up an hour later. Some of these were recalled a year or so ago, I’m assuming the ones REI sells are post-recall, if not maybe you can retire on this hammock in two ways.

Hang bananas here

Last one, Sub Kilo +20 bag

I always stayed away from down, being from the Northwest and all. Then gradually over my California years upgraded piece by piece to down, and ended up being able to go down a pack size. Of course if you’re in wetter climates could be an issue.

750 fill down for about $130

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