Beer Friday: Captured by Porches Invasive Species IPA

So it’s been awhile since I’ve paid homage to beer.  Not for lack of drinking it as my growing gynecomastia (aka bitchtits) will attest to.  Let’s turn these non-beer blogging Fridays around.

First up, the Invasive Species IPA from one of my new favorite breweries Captured by Porches out of St. Helens, OR (I mean c’mon, how many breweries show up at farmer’s markets?!).  Ever since first trying their Friday Rye at my local bottle shop I’ve been hooked on their tasty brews – and the fact that they are served in reusable flip top bottles (return is optional if you’re a homebrewer since you pay a $1 deposit for it…) is a nice touch.  I’ve read a lot of reviews out there on their beers where people have been getting off flavors/inconsistent flavors, likely from the flip top bottling process not being refined.  I’ve been fortunate (or maybe just have unevolved tastebuds) in that every time I’ve had the rye and the IPA it’s been the same as I remember it.  I >>did<< have a sour bottle of their hef, but as I’m not a hef fan in general I thought nothing of it.  Worth being aware of the potential for inconsistency before you drop your ~$5 on a 22 oz. (well, technically 25.4 oz) to freedom.

So, the IPA.  Hazy, coppery pour with a creamy big bubble head that dissipates quickly.  Sweet, subtle citrus hops aroma (with a touch of spice?) that opens up a bit as the beer warms.  Light to medium mouth feel, with early malt taste moving to hops, with just the slightest bitterness.  Overall a very drinkable IPA, one that I could see stashing in the snow on the way up to enjoy post-tour, and that also lends itself well to summertime chillin’ on the porch strumming a guitar.  I think what I like most about this beer is that it drinks like a homebrew, just has that ‘less refined’ texture about it.  Worth picking up and giving it a go, but keep in mind the apparent inconsistency in the bottle you may want to hold out til you find it on tap.

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