Rebloggin’: Obama’s gonna save you a-man!

Saw this vid my boy a-man posted up and I had to chuckle a bit because

a)  We made a visit to the ER Saturday

b)  Because I got charged $400 for GAUZE on my itemized bill back when I shot a nail thru my finger

and c)  Because his last parts about getting billed for damn near nothing, that kind of thing is a joke.  Seriously, $400+ bones for saying you can’t do anything?  There’s a reason people don’t trust doctors these days.

scale from a man on Vimeo.

1 comment to Rebloggin’: Obama’s gonna save you a-man!

  • a-man

    My dad is a professional patient. He told me that as soon as they touch that tray with the gauze and scissors, it’s 150 bucks…

    I’ve got a sixpack and a handful of pills set aside for the opening of the bill for the operation…eagerly awaiting that.

    Thanks for linking. All splitboarders/non-bikers/tall people who read this blog: I have PayPal. Any donation accepted loololololol

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