Extra 22% (yeah, not 23, not 21, but 22%) off REI brand gear

Next two days the REI Outlet has an extra 22% off REI brand gear (use code OUT2DAY2 at checkout). Could be a good time to throw down the cheddar on that new tent, sleeping bag or pack you’ve been pondering – and having a lifetime warranty doesn’t hurt.

Been using the old version of the Clipper for years now, picked it up on the cheap when the Seatac REI closed. At over 5 lbs it doesn’t fall into the ultralight category, but it’s taken me from the beach to Lassen to crazy windy eastern Sierra and back with no problems aside from the poles having a slight permanent bend to them.  Bonus: the new version is wider and longer than the old was.

REI Clipper, a good 'do everything' tent

REI Venus 75. Ms. Poormansheli tested and approved. They also have the men’s version, the Mars (teehee, get it, women/Venus, men/Mars…) on sale.

Tested and approved

Anyways, yeah, two days, jump on it.

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