I need a new wetsuit

Paddled out this weekend for the first time in forever to try and get a piece of the long period south that was supposed to be pushing in. Came to the quick realization that California has got me straight pussified and I’m going to need something besides a 4/3 with holes in it for up here! A couple nice sessions, especially Saturday afternoon. SORE today though, whoa!

Sooo…the decision making process begins. I’ve been rocking the O’neill Psychos the past who knows how many years because 1) the large tall fits my monkey ass (Billabong seems to think that 6′ is tall) and 2) they are on sale every year on Memorial and Labor Day weekends for about $200 at the O’neill shops in Santa Cruz. Good suits, relatively durable, decent fitting, a good $200 suit, but anymore than that and meh.

So now, the shopping begins. Anybody out there built more like an orangutan than a fireplug have recommendations for suits? The Quiksilver Cells feel nice and stretchy on the rack, but they look too small based on their size chart. C’mon, fits up to 6’3 but the inseam maxes at 32″? Who do these companies use for their fit models?

Always thought the Xcels look nice, but they are waaaay outside my budget and again same story on the fit. Sooo…dunno. Looking for recommendations. Anybody try the Matuse suits in tall? At first I was sketch on them as I thought it was just another crap company with the Socal brobrah grassroots marketing revved up to 11, but now I’ve heard a few accounts from friends using that they are a warm, flexible suit, though the long-term durability remains to be seen. Anything else? HELP!

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  1. sounds like we’re similar size.
    i’ve been running the Xcel suits for a while. the infinity model but not the drylock. every one i’ve had the seams have blown apart on me. will not buy one again.

    i have a 3/2 rip curl that’s super rad. for some reason i can only fit in XXL rip curl suits. XL in everything else.

    a friend has a Matuse and he’s stoked on it except for he got the wrong size. i guess they run a bit short.

    have a couple other friends who have the Patagucci suits. both are super stoked on em. one has the R3. the other the R4. i’ve heard my buddy with the R4 say he’s hot when i was freezing my ass off. and i don’t get cold often.

    the next suit i get will have those glued binded welded seam things.

    i can put you in touch with a matuse owner if you want.

  2. Good feedback on the Xcels. I’ve heard hit or miss things from them, some people love them, others find that they implode like yours has. I had a Rip Curl a long while back but not a fan of them, may look at them again if they’ve got the length though. The ‘guccis, heard mixed feedback thus far. Some people super stoked, others hate them, others had them blow up (granted you do get a new one given their warranty). No worries on the Matuse owner, sounds like your friend is stoked on it. I looked at a large tall the other day and it looked like it was cut a bit more for a tight pants wearin’ socalbrobrah, I don’t quite have that build anymore.

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