OR sidewalk sale

Just got an email from OR saying they’re having a sidewalk sale the 13th-16th. Per the email all Fall 09 and earlier gear is 50-70% off. Looks like they’ll also be giving 20% off one non-sale item.

If you’re like me you don’t need to be on the cutting edge of gear fabrics/designs, and hell half the time changes are just superficial, so looks like it could be a great time to stock up coming into the summer season.

Map to the sale here

3 comments to OR sidewalk sale

  • a-man

    50-70% off is the only way I could even think about some OR gear…shit’s spendy! I may check this out for you…

  • Justin

    I’m with you. It is spendy, but at those %s off, and given their lifetime warranty, could make for a good gear investment if you need anything.

  • a-man

    pants. i need pants.

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